15 December 2018

15 December 2018

15 December 2018

From our blog 15 April 2019

We're live on Deliveroo!!

As you may have seen out latest posts over our social media platforms about launching on Deliveroo and the day has finally come!

The work from the whole Pleesecakes team to get to this point has not been seen by the public, but everyone has worked double hard and it was a complete team effort!

Firstly, we have launched in 9 hubs around the UK, Battersea Culvert Place, Battersea York Road, Bermondsey, Swiss cottage, Islington, Brighton, Manchester and Leeds. All w...

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From our blog 28 January 2019

0 to 6 - The first 6 months of business

The first six months of business…


Yo yo yo..how’s it going? Sweet? Ok good!

Anyway, I’m going to talk about & break down the last two years into sections as I feel after each 6 months I could see a difference or a point whereby I could review the previous.

From the start, I knew I always wanted to scale Pleesecakes and grow it as a company/brand, I knew we had something unique that I wanted to share on a global scale,...

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