Blog Post - Selfridges Xmas Pleesecakes


Selfridges Xmas Pleesecakes

Ho Ho Ho it's nearly Christmas time and we have got some banging flavoured mini's on offer at the London Selfridges store!!

Mince pie - Base(mince pie/plaindigestive), filling(vanilla/mince meat), toppings(mini mince pie, mini fudge pieces and holly fondant)

Lindt - Base(plain digestive/milk choc chips), filling(vanilla/choc swirl), toppings(choc ganche, mini Lindt reindeer, mini cookies, white cho carott)

Spiced Chocolate Orange - Base(double choc digestive/orange zezt), filling(spiced choc orange), toppings(choc ganche, choc orange shard, terrys choc orange segment)


Get down there over the Christmas period and grab yourself some of these beauts!

(Oxford St store only: £5.99 each)


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