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Our most popular Pleesecakes

These are our best sellers, but if you want to build your own scroll down to the custom section at the bottom of the page.

Mini emoji blue heart (oreo filling)

Mini black emoji heart (oreo filling)

Mini purple emoji heart (oreo filling)

Mini green emoji heart (vanilla raspberry swirl filling)

Mini red emoji heart (vanilla raspberry swirl filling)

Mini orange emoji heart (vanilla raspberry swirl filling)

Mini yellow emoji heart (vanilla filling)

Mini red broken emoji heart (vanilla filling)

Fully Loaded (serves 10-15)

Kinder Overload (serves 10-15)

White Choc Overload (serves 8-10)

Fruit Overload (serves 10-15)

Random Selection emoji hearts (2 units)

Mini heart (fully loaded)

Vanilla raspberry nutella swirl (serves 10-15)

Pick n Mix (serves 8-10)

Salted caramel mini's

Speculoos Mini's

Fully Loaded (serves 8-10)

Large heart

Mixed berry Mini me's

Cadbury's Overload (serves 8-10)

Unicorn (serves 10-15)

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