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Tony’s Chocolonely Mini Cheesecake Recipe

20th August 2021

Welcome to our FIRST recipe post, about time we centralised all of our recipes in one place!! To kick start we've got these Read more

Weekly Blog – 05

29th June 2021

Let’s try it again. I think we managed about 4 or 5 blogs in a row before things got busy, I got waylaid and our weekly blog was shelved. I a...

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Weekly Blog – 04

9th December 2020

Now we’re cheesecaking!!! The engine is firing on all cylinders, we have taken on more staff this week to keep up with orders, helped by the app...

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Weekly Blog – 03

2nd December 2020

Where to start this week…. Well last week was our busiest week in our history. Splurging cheesecake fanatics drove sales for us! As most of you ...

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Weekly Blog – 02

25th November 2020

So here we go again 🎶 Read more

Weekly Blog – 01

18th November 2020

Yes, we’re starting a blog. I’m Joe, this is a blog lets go for a JOG. Firstly, I’m going to being doing a weekly blog, I want to give insight i...

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Share the stage – Barclaycard

26th August 2020

We've been busy, really busy!
  We've teamed up with Barclaycard to bring you the festival experience you miss, withou...

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Hazelnut and Strawberry Vegan Minis

25th August 2020

Yes Pleesecake Army, we're back again for yet another routinely instalment of Tutorial Tuesdays, who would of thought?!

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Strawberry & Lemon Layer Cake

18th August 2020

Here we are again for another weekly installment of Tutorial Tuesdays and we're passing on this flavour combo because we think it's a summer wi...

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The BC cake

11th August 2020 This absolute unit was originally made for a good friend of ours, the legend that is The B...

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Heat a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of olive oil in a large pan. Wait until the pan is hot and the butter has fully melted.