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Nationwide Classic Mini Bundle

(6 x Mini Cheesecakes)


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We are buzzed to announce after 4 and a half years of development, our Minis are now available for NATIONWIDE DELIVERY*!! 🌍

This 6 bundle contains all of best sellers and soon to be the nations favourites, individually packaged so that they can be stored in the freezer for up to two months prior to consumption (if you can risk the temptation😉).

Scroll down to see the flavours!!

*UK Mainland delivery

The contents of each box is fixed and cannot be changed as all packaging and distribution is fulfilled off site.

Please note: With all our nationwide products which includes our Mini Pleesecakes,  you will be unable to select and choose a delivery date at the checkout, our nationwide delivery is processed by DHL which will typically take up to 7 working days. If you require your order for a certain date, we would suggest that you place your order ahead of time and store in your freezer until the required date. If your order is for collection for any of these items you will of course be able to select a collection date.

Please also note with all our nationwide products which includes our Mini Pleesecakes, you will be unable to have a custom message added to your order for the recipient. Our fulfilment centre will not also see any notes you may leave regarding date requests as this is not possible to do.

For our allergen guide, click here.



Rocky Road contains gelatine and is NOT suitable for vegetarians

Rock Road, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Carrot Cake & Red Velvet all contain egg

For all other allergen information please click here

Each bundle contains:

Apple and Elderberry – Plain digestive biscuit base, vanilla and elderberry swirl cream cheese filling, topped with apple and elderberry compote and streusel biscuit crumb.

Rocky Road (not suitable for vegetarians) – Double chocolate digestive biscuit base, chocolate cream cheese filling with mini marshmallows, Oreo crumb and raisins topped with chocolate ganache, mini marshmallows, raisins, Oreo crumb and spun chocolate.

Mixed Berry – Plain digestive biscuit base, vanilla and raspberry cream cheese filling, topped with berry compote, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and freeze-dried raspberries.

Banoffee – Plain digestive biscuit base, banana cream cheese filling with a caramel core, topped with chocolate ganache, banana chips and chocolate shards.

Cookies and Cream – Oreo biscuit base, vanilla and crushed Oreo cream cheese filling, topped with chocolate ganache, crushed Oreo biscuit and Oreo crumb.

Salted Caramel – Double chocolate biscuit base, salted caramel cream cheese filling, salted caramel core topped with salted caramel sauce, fudge, Oreo and Biscoff crumb.

Allergy advice:

Pleesecakes Wholesale Ltd offers products made with nuts,soy, milk, eggs & wheat. Whilst we take every step to minimise the risk of cross contamination, we cannot guarantee that any of our products are safe to consume for people with nut, soy, milk, egg or wheat allergies or intolerances.

All our products are Made in the UK by Pleesecakes Wholesale LTD, 17 Trowers Way, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 2LH.

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