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Weekly Blog – 05

Let’s try it again. I think we managed about 4 or 5 blogs in a row before things got busy, I got waylaid and our weekly blog was shelved. I am going to try with […]

Weekly Blog – 04

Now we’re cheesecaking!!! The engine is firing on all cylinders, we have taken on more staff this week to keep up with orders, helped by the appearance of our Notorious P.I.B on Saturday Kitchen with […]

Weekly Blog – 03

Where to start this week…. Well last week was our busiest week in our history. Splurging cheesecake fanatics drove sales for us! As most of you would have been aware ‘black Friday’ now runs for […]

Weekly Blog – 02

So here we go again 🎶… (coincidently listening to Fleetwood Mac – Dreams, opening line ‘so here we go again’)   Before we start have a look at this: I asked Sam to order us a […]

Weekly Blog – 01

Yes, we’re starting a blog. I’m Joe, this is a blog lets go for a JOG. Firstly, I’m going to being doing a weekly blog, I want to give insight into what’s going on within […]

Share the stage – Barclaycard

We’ve been busy, really busy!   We’ve teamed up with Barclaycard to bring you the festival experience you miss, without leaving your home. To make up for losing a summer of live music, Barclays are […]

Now Available On All Major Delivery Platforms

We are proud to announce that Pleesecakes are now available on Deliveroo, Just Eat & Uber Eats in certain areas.   Please choose the correct service for your area below:   Covering Redhill areas including […]

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