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Share the stage – Barclaycard

26th August 2020
We’ve been busy, really busy!


We’ve teamed up with Barclaycard to bring you the festival experience you miss, without leaving your home. To make up for losing a summer of live music, Barclays are bringing you a unique series where festival headliners share the limelight and unite with support acts who can’t wait to play live again. All hosted by Fearne Cotton in Abbey Road Studios – direct to your sofa (Thanks, YouTube). bang bang.


Fearne Cotton


They have everything you need to recreate your very own festival. From behind-the-scenes footage and unseen interviews, to the chance to win some incredible prizes from some of the artists. (Not to mention perks and discounts from our partners and all your festival faves.)


Looking for live music? They’re showcasing acts like from Lewis Capaldi, Celeste and Olivia Dean, checkout for yourself below!


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Barclaycard’s have not held back, even going as far as giving you a glimpse into an artists life before they play live with their routines, rituals and habits, breaking down the barrier down between artist and audience by an array of artists, including Mabel, Mae Muller and NOISY.


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But of course, what music festival would be complete without the grub?! There are truly some bangers on the shared stage, checkout these Vegan burgers, corrrh then!


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What finishes off a naughty little burger more than anything else? Obviously a naughty little Pleesecake 😉


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How about it then, look at the boots on this!


Why stop just here though, head over to Barclaycards share the stage and checkout everything they have to offer!




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