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It’s Time For An Update!

23rd August 2022

It’s been a LONG while since I sat down and typed out a blog.. so apologies if it’s a bit rusty. However, with lots of exciting things going on at Pleesecakes, I thought a blog would be a great way to keep everyone in the loop!

What’s been going on recently?

Well, where do I begin? We’ve had a great year so far, not just business wise but personally too as I became a Dad in July to my beautiful daughter Sienna which is just incredible (even with sleepless nights)!



We’ve worked on some really cool collaborations and giveaways too this year, such as a rainbow cheesecake with Co-op and working with Tik-Tok at Taste of London and The ideas fest. I also went and made cheesecakes with GBBO finalist Crystal and earlier this month we headed to Smeg UK HQ and created a pretty cool Pleesecake with the team!



We’ve also been back out and about with our Build Your Own Pleesecakes bar and the Freezecakes van at food festivals, weddings, parties which has been super fun to reconnect with our Pleesecakes fans in person after the pandemic.

The team have been working really hard on creating new innovative, delicious products and developing our ranges further which means hopefully we will be able to launch our long awaited and highly anticipated Vegan range soon which is really exciting as I know this is something many of you are waiting for. They say good things come to those who wait I guess?!

Finally, many of you may know already but we are currently crowdfunding with Seedrs for us to get the business to the pinnacle position. What’s better is crowdfunding is open to the public which means many of our Pleesecakes fans are actually able have their very own slice of the Pleesecakes movement! How cool is that?!



Which brings me onto the next part of the blog..

Why are we crowdfunding?

I believe that Pleesecakes is a dessert company like no other! I first started creating OTT celebration Cheesecakes for extra pennies but I quickly realised I wanted to put a disruptive twist on the humble cheesecake and bring it BACK into the 21st century with my creative and innovative ideas!



Since then, I have become a two-times published author, made appearances on TV and across social media channels. We’ve also really made waves in social media as a dessert brand by building a community of an incredible 2M+ engaged followers across Tiktok AND Instagram!

However, we are now READY to bring our products in to mainstream mass retail and really scale the Pleesecake Movement to where is deserves to be which is why we are crowdfunding.

We have already reached our target and are currently sat at 11%, however we would LOVE to reach the 200% mark in 10 days time, which we know is possible with the support from everyone.




By smashing our target we will be able to make some key hires within the business, outsource our production, continue with brand activation and of course carry on developing our forward-thinking, unique dessert products!

Our focus is to produce the highest quality, exciting products that really push the boundaries. After continuous demand over the last 12 months via direct to consumer into retail such as Selfridges, and the initial uptake has been nothing short of incredible which is an amazing feeling considering I started making cheesecakes in my parents’ kitchen!



If you’d like to know more about our Crowdfunding campaign and how you can get involved – you can find out more by clicking the link below!

Catch you soon,

Joe x


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