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Weekly Blog – 01

18th November 2020

Yes, we’re starting a blog. I’m Joe, this is a blog lets go for a JOG.

Firstly, I’m going to being doing a weekly blog, I want to give insight into what’s going on within Pleesecakes, the people involved and how we operate, plus tell you a bit more about our incredible products (non-biased view), 🤥.

It’s November 2020 and what a year it’s been. I’m not going to bang on about the ‘C’ word, we’ve heard too much of it and I think I have plenty of other things to talk about to take your mind off of it! What I will say is if you’ve been affected in any way, I hope you’re coping, staying safe and managing the pressure that this has brought on all of us! Keep going, it will get better.

I like writing, I’m not particularly great at it (I did write a book in 8 weeks…it was a cook book so mainly pictures…which I didn’t take), and my vocabulary isn’t excitingly inspiring (ooo two medium sized words in a row, ooo ur ard Joe), but I’ll do my best to keep you reading this for the next few minutes and hopefully return next week.

What I am confident about is the plethora of interesting things we get up to on a daily basis, Pleesecakes isn’t your normal place of work and we’d like to share, not for our benefit but to release information, inspiration for individuals, other start-ups and all SME business’s that read this. I truly believe there is not enough community around the small business industry, it’s an increasingly hard industry to immerse yourself in regardless of what sector, therefore we should all support each other as much as possible, share failures and highlights, share ideas, network with each other and continue conversing.


Pleesecakes is edging towards it’s 4th birthday come January 2021, so we’re arriving fashionably late to the blog party, but to be honest finding time to right a blog during the growth period of a start-up is nigh on impossible, hence why it’s taken so long to get this first one out. I want to talk about cheesecake, I WILL talk about cheesecakes, that’s what we do. A team of 14 plus now, which is growing quicker and bigger than I ever could of imagined, are knocking out some serious cheesecakes and when I say serious I mean cheesecakes that just aren’t available anywhere else and I’d like to say anywhere in the world.

The creativity that bubbles through this company is infectious. A small idea blurted out with little intention of it ever being picked up by anyone, are being turned into real-life products that people actually pay money for! Quite astonishing and extremely stimulating! You almost have to be careful what you say and more often than not, the crazier the idea, the more traction it gets internally, people getting over excited and then realise that you CAN’T actually build a cheesecake taller than our building or put cheesecake in a bubble.

Yet, this is a great trait for us to have as a company. We now don’t only produce cheesecakes, but brownies topped with cheesecakes, frozen cheesecake in a tub (Freezecakes), cheesecake milkshakes, Build Your Own At Home Cheesecake Kits (BYOAH) (great for the kids at home, especially during this time), croissants filled with Oreo cheesecake, you name it we do it, a proper treasure trove of sweet and savoury. I like to think we’re one step ahead, pushing the generic boundaries that the cheesecake used to hide within.

Keeping it fitting with this time of year, I’d like to talk about our incredible Christmas range, this is not a sell, I am just proud of what’s been achieved. Now, that I can “sometimes” take a little step back and glance at the growth and progression of the company, bearing in mind I was a painter and decorator a few years ago, really fills me with joy and I’m so proud of the team. The Pleesecakes Christmas range is out of this world as far as desserts go. I won’t list every cake but some that might tickle the taste buds are as follows:

  • Yule log cheesecake (Yule Love This One): you heard that right, two versions, a lovely salted pecan caramel and a raspberry chocolate option. Seriously, this does bits and has been beautifully created by head chef Simon.
  • The Christmas Bomb Cheesecake (Rebel Without A Claus): this looks like a Christmas pudding, no actually it doesn’t, I can’t really describe it in words, best thing is to go check our Instagram, it’s filled with chocolate orange cheesecake, whole Terry’s chocolate orange, orange matchmakers and so on!
  • The Notorious P.I.B: that stands for pigs in blankets. I know what you’re thinking, bunch of plonkers. No, this is genius and YES it works. And YES, we are the first to do a pig in blanket cheesecake!!
  • Freezecakes: you may of seen our current flavours, but we have Christmas flavours and holy smokes they will do things for you, things you never thought a tub of frozen cheesecake could do! Three flavours, which include: white chocolate orange, chocolate bailey’s and mince pie.

For the rest of the range go check our website and thank me later. I would like to thank you all in advance if you are kind enough to purchase a cake, you’re not only supporting a small passionate business, but you’re fuelling our dreams to keep producing exciting products, to innovate and to bring you more revolutionary dessert products.

I’m going to bang on a little bit about our operations now, how we cope on the run up to the busiest time of the year, introduce some of the team and be transparent on how things actually work within a small company. It’s not always easy and it’s far from pretty.

So, the team in order of my favourite employee to my least favourite, we have….as if!! Could you imagine, I appreciate the whole team equally and they all rinse it.

Anyway, we have operations, marketing, sales, social media, logistics and of course kitchen. As I write this I have Simon (Head Chef), Dan (Head of Marketing) and Laura (Head of Socials), all sat in front of me, tapping away at their keyboards, writing up recipes and specs, planning photo shoots for our luxury box of 9 Xmas cakes, scheduling in social media posts to captivate our incredibly supportive following on Instagram, Facebook and now my favourite of all TikTok! 😉

Downstairs we have our incredible kitchen team knocking out thousands of cakes a day that end up in an array of locations including Selfridges Food Hall on Oxford Street (yes, the food hall is still open and classed as essential, probably not going to do your weekly shop there, but corrr blimey to they offer some banging food!), our 13 Deliveroo hubs around the country (this is our mini cheesecake home delivery service, also available on Just Eat & Uber it’s from our HQ in Redhill), various farm shops and deli’s and of course to the homes of many, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, weddings (I feel for the wedding gang this year), along with any other excuse to indulge in a Pleesecake!

We also have Sam (Director of Ops) who works from home over seeing all operations, keeping things running smoothly, making sure we’re all doing what we’re supposed to and organising everyone’s lives!! My mum is still very hands on organising all logistics and making sure all our cakes are delivered in one piece, keeping our delivery team in check and ensuring we arrive on time! Everyone has a very important role to play in the running of this company, it just doesn’t work if you don’t have a that team in place.

However, no matter how great your team is there will always be obstacles within business and that is the definition of business, problem solving. It’s who you do the problem solving with which ensures you reach the end goal, enjoyably for the most part. A company without problems is non-existent, therefore learning to welcome the problem is key.

Here’s a list of a few problems I believe any small business will be able to relate to instantly;

  • Cash flow
  • Supply chain
  • Time, or lack of
  • Managing people
  • Growth, or how to grow
  • Consumer expectation

These are just a few of the problems we face daily, some we manage easier than others, some drain you mentally, others test your determination and resilience, all transferrable skills into other areas of life. I am happy to go into more detail on each of these, but I’m not sure who’s reading this or what people want to see from our blogs, so I’ll just put it out there see what feedback we get and maybe next week I’ll go into more detail.

I like sharing our experiences, I LOVE sharing our creations, remember to check out our Xmas menu, we have some great gift ideas, whether it’s for one of your loved ones or if you’re a company reading this who’s keen to gift your staff something delicious and special, we’ve got you!

I’ll also be introducing some of the new exciting products that will be arriving very soon!

Thanks for reading. BIG UP!

Oh and Merry Christmas btw 🎅🎄

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