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Weekly Blog – 04

9th December 2020

Now we’re cheesecaking!!!

The engine is firing on all cylinders, we have taken on more staff this week to keep up with orders, helped by the appearance of our Notorious P.I.B on Saturday Kitchen with Matt Tebbutt. Although, frustratingly he didn’t mention our name! Thankfully though, we are the only company producing a pigs in blankets cheesecake, so google helped people find us!

This week is all about consistency and not making mistakes. Easy to say, but impossible to achieve. It’s uncontrollably busy and with so many orders going out the odd mistake inevitably appears! This highlights our imperfections and shows that no one or company is perfect. We seem to have a very understanding audience that allow us to rectify any of our undoing’s. Huge apologies to anyone who have experienced any of these isolated incidences, we continue to learn and grow and as a small start-up I really believe in sharing this sort of information with you shows the realism of running a company and being honest with yourself and your customer base when things don’t always go to plan!

Let’s move on to some positivity…few more TV appearances coming up for the P.I.B, it really is becoming this year’s superstar!

All other Xmas cakes are flying out and we’re starting to see people share their purchases on social media with great reviews!

Lots of corporate orders coming in for the generous gifting to their hard-working staff, remember if you are a corporate company looking to gift, make sure you get your order in with some urgency as the dairy is getting closed off day by day now and we are limited to how many more orders we can take on this year!

Shout out to the team also, the full force of Xmas is being felt, it’s a brutal time, long hours, on their feet for 14-16 hours a day. The catering industry during the festive period is like no other, RELENTLESS!

We have a team of 12 in the kitchen now producing thousands of products a week. It really is quite incredible to watch, I still pinch myself to see if this is real, from a painter dragging myself around dirty building sites to a fully operational cheesecake company with a very fast-growing team!!

On top of kitchen members, we have pickers and packers, the office based teams plus all of our logistics crew who are in at silly o’clock to get all orders out! WELL DONE TEAM! You are all incredible and I am proud to be working alongside you.

It’s getting to that time of year where I am starting to look forward to the next year, what opportunities lay ahead and with hope that things will finally get back to normal! In all honesty and I think I can speak for most of the nation…I’M BORED! I am so looking forward to festivals, events, getting our Freezecakes van up and running and just generally socialising with other humans!!!

Let’s do the business section now….

So, the third point I brought up in my first blog was ‘time’ or lack of..Not so much technically related to business but a point that if managed well can help your business in every which way possible.

A lot of entrepreneurs will moan about a lack of time and in fact it’s usually down to the lack of structure, management and prioritisation. It’s been a massive problem for me and has taken time to learn. I have definitely not mastered this trait and it haunts me every day, especially working at a start-up, things change hourly and that can fuck up your schedule massively!

For me, to do lists have helped, even at weekends. Get things written down, it stops me forgetting everything and then I can prioritise in order of importance off that list!

Structuring your day is vital. The hardest thing is structuring a period of a week, a week is a long time in a start up!

Creating more time is sometimes down to energy levels, making sure you’re in great mental and physical condition which helps with productivity and in turn generating more time!

I try and start the day with exercise, I find it gives me energy and gets me going for the day ahead, I feel energised and pumped ready to take on any task or problem that the day may bring! I also try and eat healthy, yes, I know I own a cheesecake factory and I do have to consume the product merely for quality control purposes, but I try and balance it out by smashing some exercise first thing (I struggle with getting going but once its complete you feel incredible). I will then down a healthy smoothie which includes all the classic smoothie inclusions: ginger, turmeric, spinach, whether it works or not I feel great after. Going back to exercise and the importance of it being included into your daily routine, is something people should all be aware of! The excuse of not having enough time has withered and in all honesty, it’s down to you get up and taking action. I really believe it helps with strengthening you mentally, which supports you professionally and I encourage anyone and everyone to get moving and sweat a little!!

Utilising technology to help with time management is also great tool that can help, Laura, Dan and I were discussing how we can use an online centralised platform we can all access to help with structuring our weeks tasks and things that need to be completed. I know outlook do a shared diary system and I am sure there are many more out there, it’s a case of finding what works for your setup. Trello is another good one, more focussed on products that require critical paths, but again it’s a shared app which everyone can access.

I think that’s all this week, I am still not sure who’s reading these or even how many of you are reading this. Any feedback is welcome or if there’s specific questions or topics you’d like me answer or discuss please fire them our way.

In the meantime, have a great week and keep rinsing it

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